Helium Lecktest

Small leak - great effect

Production plant

If a process is interrupted, or even breaks down as a result of an air leakage, swift action is imperative. To locate leakages we work with state-of-the-art helium leak detectors. Thanks to their mobile design, our qualified staff can assist you on short notice. After the identification and documentation of the leakages, we will discuss the causes together and develop the necessary measures for the sustainable elimination of errors.

Quality control

Professional leak tests are also offered within this framework. By means of the created reports, you can document the contractual conformity of your services.

Adixen-ASM-340-Leak-Det-Cart_Deutsche Vacuumtrocknerei

Our services:

Highly specialised, documented leakage detection, even in difficult environments, right down to microscopic sizes.

Test gas

Detection methods:
Vacuum test (spray test, sniff leak test, integral vacuum test)
Vacuum test (pressure test, integral test of evacuated test objects)