Research & Development


In our technology centre you can test your processes extensively for scientific and economic aspects or optimise existing processes in terms of energy. The comprehensive equipment allows for modern and practical research. Due to the unique construction characteristics, a safe scale-up for production plants is possible - guaranteed.

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The mobile layout of our technology centre also allows for operation at any location of your choice. Just-In-Time & Just-In-Place. Being compliant with ATEX standards allows for the application in potentially explosive atmospheres and offers a broad research spectrum, including highly flammable materials. Give yourself an advantage and retain your technological superiority. Research on site and close to production. Benefit from the close proximity to your competence centres, irrespective of space and time.


to your taste

Our service catalogue takes into account experience of more than 10 years of research & development. You can choose from, for example, analyses by accredited laboratories, transfer services, attractive hotels (bed and breakfast or full-board), scientific support and test evaluations, in addition to recommendations


Costs in correlation with research & development are proportionately credited when you order a drying plant.


The modular equipment of the technical centre allows for test series in various combinations. We will gladly assist you in the selection of the appropriate components and plan the test procedure.

Dryers are the main focus of the centre. Normal pressure to high vacuum operation. Here you can choose between:

  • Roller Dryer
  • Paddle dryers and
  • Rotary Drum Dryer

Available media

  • Thermal oil up to +220 °C
  • Cooling brine -5 to +25 °C
  • Vacuum pump level 10 to 1000 mbar
  • Compressed air up to 6 bar
  • Nitrogen N2

As a decision-making aid, the consistency of the present testing material (sticky, pasty), the sensitivity towards thermal and mechanical stress, and of course the desired result must be taken into account. We have summarised the most important characteristics under the category "Machine and Plant Engineering" for you.